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The journey of Suhana Spices...from India to your plate

The Suhana journey past and present

Ready to cook (RTC)

We understand our customers lead busy lifestyles, but with Suhana, it is easy to cook natural Indian dishes and create a perfectly spiced curry in a matter of minutes. Simply choose from our selection of authentic Indian spice blends and add them to your fresh ingredients for a curry that is delicious every time, and made with minimum fuss.

Natural taste at a great price

We’ve been producing world-class quality curry spice blends for more than half a century so you can enjoy some real spices of India. Our spice blends stay true to our ethnic Suhana values and are packed full of well-balanced, natural flavour for a more vibrant curry, all priced with your family in mind.

Award-winning ‘Best in, Best Out’ ingredients

All our ingredients are sourced from the finest Indian suppliers, with every packet containing an award-winning blend of Suhana spices. These have been carefully tailored over the years to bring you an oustanding curry experience – from the comfort of your own kitchen. We refer to this as the 'Best in, Best Out' principle.

Fresh and healthy

Our curry blends have the perfect mixture of spices to help you achieve restaurant results in your very own kitchen. With Suhana Spices, you can cook a healthier Indian as an alternative to your usual takeaway - and you'll know exactly what goes into your curry. The result? A wonderfully fragrant, utterly delicious fresh and healthy taste of India.

The Suhana Family

The perfect blend of innovation, expertise and leadership

Our Team

Suresh Kotecha

Suresh is the original founder of Suhana to the UK and European market. He first discovered Suhana when he brought back some ready to cook spices for his daughter from his trip to India, and he hasn’t looked back since. Suresh believes that Suhana offers a natural taste of India…perfect for fitting authentic, naturally spiced Indian food into a busy lifestyle.